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Jaadu Click

Jaadu Click is another excellent VNC app for the iPhone that allows you to control another computer very easily. Just like all the other VNC apps, you can pick your own desktop VNC client to use with your iPhone. Unfortunately this app isn't for everyone as you do need to know a little bit about wha ... Full Article »

September 12, 2008 6:00am


The iPhone has seen its fair share of games since the App Store launched. Surprisingly enough, most of these games seem to be word games. While some of them are definitely not worth downloading, there are plenty of them that keep your enjoyment long enough to have not wasted your time. Wurdle is one ... Full Article »

September 12, 2008 3:00am


Wikipedia has become so common place in society nowadays that it was very confusing that there wasn't a web app that made the site more easily accessible on the iPhone. Now that the App Store has launched, a few apps have hit the shelves offering a formated Wikipedia experience for the iPhone. While ... Full Article »

September 11, 2008 3:00pm


TrailGuru is another great app for those of you who like to get fit with your iPhone. There are plenty of options on here for more than just runners, which many of the other apps have unfortunately limited themselves too. Plus, you can actually upload all of your stats to a community site to share w ... Full Article »

September 11, 2008 12:00pm

Tennis Slam

If you've ever thought about how great it would be to have your Wii with you when you're on the road, you should definitely check out Tennis Slam. Tennis Slam is basically Wii Sports Tennis for the iPhone. Nothing more, nothing less. Except of course that you can't create your own Mii. You don't act ... Full Article »

September 11, 2008 9:00am


EA has managed to create one of the most visually stunning board games for the iPhone so far. When the game loads up, the intro animation looks like the same quality that other iPhone games have used through video for an intro. But when you tap the screen, you'll realize that it's all within the app ... Full Article »

September 11, 2008 6:00am


Rolo is a really enjoyable little puzzle game for the iPhone that puts you in control of these little colored balls that need to be put back in order. Each level offers you a new challenge that you'll have to accomplish by moving the balls either vertically or horizontally to match the finished prod ... Full Article »

September 11, 2008 3:00am


Looking for a ride? Offering a few extra seats on the next long haul you're taking? Perhaps planning your next teenage killing spree? If you answered yes to any of these, you should definitely check out Carticipate. It's basically hitchhiking for the iPhone. What this app does is locates exactly whe ... Full Article »

September 10, 2008 3:00pm


The Dominos app for the iPhone is the classic game of Dominos with a few extra options. The game itself is very graphically appealing and is really enjoyable to just pick up and play if you like Dominos, but isn't necessarily for everyone. The game does offer a one or two player setting in which you ... Full Article »

September 10, 2008 12:00pm

Easy Task

The iPhone seems perfect for task management apps, and that's exactly why there are tons of them. Easy Task offers a few more functions then most of the task apps out there currently, including the ability to sync up with an online account, making it a lot more useful then its competition. When you ... Full Article »

September 10, 2008 9:00am