Air Hockey

Posted August 19, 2008 2:08am


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SUMMARY: Play the quarter-consuming-finger-bruising game of Air Hockey on your iPhone

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Ah Air Hockey. The game that everyone claims to be good at but so few people leave the table without bruised fingers. If you think back on your life, how many quarters have you spent on Air Hockey over the years? Well, to save your fingers and your piggy bank, you can always check out the Air Hockey app for the iPhone.

The Air Hockey app is a great concept but it fails to deliver on nearly every aspect. First off, the paddle moves way to slow. That means that you're going to be frantically swinging that around just to try and get it near the puck before you simply lose. The paddle is also much smaller than nearly anyones finger, so be prepared to not see it and overestimate just how much coverage you have with it.

Then theres the fact that it looks like it would be perfect for multiplayer action, but it doesn't support it. Who wants to play Air Hockey against a computer anyways? The margin of error on the computers side is much less than any one of your friends.

What seals the deal with Air Hockey is that it's a paid app. Even though it doesn't cost that much, it still isn't worth the money. So many apps have been coming out under $2.99 and most of them are junk. This one is definitely one of those games that belongs in that junk pile.