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Posted August 31, 2008 1:59pm


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SUMMARY: Access thousands of questions and answers through the Yahoo! Answers community

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Answers is an app that takes advantage of the Yahoo! Answers service by providing you with an easy to use interface. The app looks great and offers a lot of functionality for a service that has plenty of uses. Answers is a community where people can post a question and anyone who is a register member can easily provide an answer for that question. From there, the person who asked the question can select what they think is the best option.

When the app opens up, you have the option to view all the new questions asked, search for a question, or find a question based on the category it was submitted in. This gives you the ability to either find exactly the question your looking for or to browse through and just read a few for your enjoyment. When you load up the question you're presented with the full unabridged version of both, so you're not missing out on anything.

Just like Wikipedia, you can't trust everything you see on Answers. That's why this app is nice enough to include a function to show you all the answers instead of just the one the user selected. You do start out with just seeing the selected answer or best answer, but that shouldn't be the only one you look at.

Answers is the type of app that is great for people who utilize this Yahoo! service constantly and fairly interesting for those of you who are just looking for additional information. You shouldn't be using this as a reference source, so it's not super useful either. But remember, when you search on Google for nearly any question these are the results that are usually displayed first.