Atomic Web Browser

Posted April 20, 2010 4:32pm


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  • PRICE: $0.99
  • EASE OF USE: 4
SUMMARY: A feature-rich mobile web browsing experience with tabs and full screen functionality

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Recently, the introduction of the Opera Mini web browser for the iPhone has stirred up a lot of discussion about mobile browsers. The default Safari has never really lived up to users’ expectations about what a mobile web browsing experience should be. There are a ton of features that Safari lacks, and that other applications are successfully implementing. Atomic Web Browser is one of those innovative applications that are bringing to the iPhone what we miss from desktop browsers.

One of the most important aspects about a mobile web browser is the speed. Opera Mini has set a new standard for speed, but Atomic really isn’t that far behind. The load times, while slightly slower than Opera, are still just as fast as Safari. You won’t really be able to tell which browser is faster unless you have multiple iPhones lined up side by side.

The extensive list of features is really what makes Atomic shine. It functions very much like Safari does with regards to pinch, zoom and double tapping. You can use it in portrait or landscape mode. You can also view pages in full screen mode. One of the most requested features in a mobile browser is the use of tabs. Atomic utilizes tabs very well, allowing you to tap on the plus sign to add them to a scrolling slider at the top of the screen. You can also tap and hold on any link to open it up in a new tab or background tab.

The additional features that Atomic offers are too much to list in this review. But, I’ll mention some of the more significant ones. You can turn on ad block and image block to cut down the load time on ad and image rich web pages. You can save an entire web page with images for offline use. You can also set customizable functions for multi-touch gestures. It’s fun to swipe two fingers across the screen to switch between tabs, but it’s really not that useful. Lastly, you can actually customize the look of your browser with specific colors.

Atomic is absolutely one of the most feature-rich mobile web browsers I’ve seen for the iPhone. However, the average user won’t really use most of the available features. Most users are concerned with how fast the pages load. As previously stated, Atomic isn’t the fastest browser out there, but with all that it does, I don’t think you’ll notice the small speed difference. However, you’ll need to cough up a buck more than Opera Mini. Is it worth a buck? Yes. Does it make sense to spend a dollar when there’s a free option available? That depends on your web browsing needs. I’ve been using Atomic for a while now, and have really grown to love its functionality. However, I also have other browsers on my iPhone, as I’m still not sure which one is the one for me. Luckily, Atomic offers a free version to try out first. Go check it out.

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