Aurora Feint 2

Posted December 1, 2008 3:00pm


5 of 5 bars
  • PRICE: $7.99
  • SOUND: 5
  • CONTROL: 5
  • FUN: 5
  • VALUE: 5
SUMMARY: The popular iPhone and iPod Touch puzzle RPG game goes multiplayer

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The original Aurora Feint offered some of the best puzzle game play that the iPhone and iPod Touch have seen. As we?ve already had a chance to review the original version of the game, we?re going to stick with the drastically new multiplayer features that make this game so different from the original.

This game doesn?t leave out those of you who have worked your hardest to get to the higher levels of this game. You can actually transfer over your account from the first age to the second just by logging in with the correct information. It?s really as simple as it sounds too. Once you?re logged in, you?ll notice the changes the second you see the main map. There?s a new area on that map titled World that expands the game quite a bit. Tapping on world opens up a whole new map that lists Arena, Town, and Tavern. Arena is the battle mode of this game, while Town returns you to the main map and Tavern brings you to the games new chatroom function. You can also enter the Tavern at any time by tapping the bottom of the screen.

In Arena there are a ton more options. You?ll be able to view your progress in the Records Hall; Search out and find an opponent in the Battlegrounds; Learn all the different symbols of the game in the Academy; Summon and create a ghost to be your champion against your opponents; and return back to the World. Before you can battle other opponents, you?ll need to create a ghost to defend yourself. In general, playing multiplayer in this game is actually just playing single player but recording how you played or playing against a recording. It?s not a bad approach, but it?s not real head to head gameplay.

The issue with this game is that while it takes a lot to add enhanced functionality like chatting and a dueling system into a game, all they did was add that on top of what you get in the original game. While the original game is worth as much as the second version of this game, until there are more differences the best way to go about this is thoroughly enjoy the original game until you?ve gotten close to the level cap, then if it still holds your attention, make the transition over to Aurora Feint II: The Arena as it definitely adds a good deal to the game.