Posted October 17, 2010 7:22pm


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SUMMARY: Replace the standard Apple calendar with something a little more visually appealing. Calvetica for the iPhone and iPod Touch brings some much needed interface improvements along with a few workflow changes. It may not have all the features offered by the default app, but it sure looks much better!

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For most people, smartphones have many uses and one of the most important is the ability to manage your calendar on the go. While the iPhone does feature a pretty robust set of options for syncing your calendars whether it be from iCal or using a different calendar service such as Google’s calendar, I think we are all in agreement that the app isn’t perfect and it can be a little frustrating at times for those who are more visually inclined. This is where Calvetica comes to the rescue.

In theory, Calvetica wants to bring a much better calendar experience to the iPhone by presenting a more aesthetic design and offer some no-brainer upgrades to the workflow. The design of the app is awesome with a much more visually appealing design that takes advantage of popular minimalistic ideas popular with newer apps. But the thing that caught my eye was the ability to add events right inside the hour section of the calendar. There is no need to go to a separate page. But this is also it’s downfall unfortunately. Although the calendar will sync with your current calendars automatically, it doesn’t provide any option to choose which calendar to post from and is missing many other options.

Although what it can do it does well, it was missing too many features for me to use on a daily basis. But if you want a new calendar app, definitely look into this one.

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