Posted September 13, 2010 7:47pm


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SUMMARY: Bring the power of play planning to your iPad. CoachPad brings a full planning experience. Add players, routes, and more to strategize on the fly. The app has board for almost every popular sport and includes a whiteboard for fast drawings. There is no need to erase again. Save your plays and start new ones on the fly.

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A good coach has a plan and rarely will you see one in almost any sport without a coart map of some type. Whether it be in basketball, volleyball, soccer, or more, those handy pieces of paper or whiteboards have become a standard tool for helping teams excel and stay organized. Well now there is an app for the most useful board ever created, the iPad. CoachPad is a simple layout app that includes easy-to-use controls and layouts for a majority of sports.

Whether you play basketball, rugby, soccer, american football, tennis, volleyball, ice hockey, or just need an easy whiteboard to draw on, this app will get the job done. The app starts up quickly and brings you right to the layout you need. Users can easily plot out routes, place players for each team, and even throw a ball onto the court. This app ends up being an invaluable tool for any coach. But it\'s not without a few issues. The largest I noticed was the lack of a halfcourt mode. For a majority of plays in any given sport, only the half court is considered and it was kind of disappointing to see there was no option to bring it closer.

Also, there was no visible way to delete or resize objects once placed which made it hard to make changes on the fly. But overall, the app did it\'s job wonderfully and definitely could be a game-changing tool for coaches. I personally would be tempted to play a game while waiting for a timeout though. Check it out.

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