Posted July 20, 2010 12:14pm


5 of 5 bars
  • PRICE: $3.99
  • SOUND: 5
  • CONTROL: 5
  • FUN: 5
  • VALUE: 5
SUMMARY: Play a challenging game of Risk against the computer or friends

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We receive plenty of emails and messages asking us to review many different games created by users or just because they are special to someone. Unfortunately we can’t review every app recommended to us and frankly, there’s a lot of terrible apps pushed our way.

One exception to the rule is Conquist. This app for the iPad is basically a faithful recreation of the classic game Risk, one of my most favorite board games. Conquist decided to take a unique approach to the game by making the iPad the board itself. Users don’t have to pass because the board will automatically cater to where each player is sitting. The game worked pretty much as expected and brought some pretty cool interface features to the popular game. It wasn’t without it’s annoyances though. After defeating a country, the box to select how many armies to move into the country is awkwardly small making for a lot of accidental moves. Also there was a lack of online multiplayer which definitely would have put this game over the top for me.

Still, excellent graphics, a well designed interface, and some classic mayhem put this game into one of my favorites on the iPad. Hopefully it’s developers continue to build on it and make it into something great. Check it out.

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