Dial Zero

Posted August 19, 2008 12:08am


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SUMMARY: Find the fastest way to get to an operator for any toll free number.

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Toll free numbers love to put those awful automated messages at the beginning of the call to sort you out to the right department. Sometimes, that actually speeds things along. Other times, you find yourself sitting on hold because nobody at the company really wants to take your call. Apparently the developers behind Dial Zero were done jumping through hoops to get a live person on the phone, so they started listing out how you go about getting right to what you want.

The Dial Zero app is a directory of nearly every toll free number out there. You can simply hit more on the main screen until you reach all the way to Z or you can search for whatever company you've decided that you need to call. They have apparently opted to use a different keyboard to enter in the name of the company you're search for. This seems kind of unneeded in an app that you won't really get that much use out of anyways.

Once you load up the profile of the company you want to call, you'll be presented with a few bits of information. Dial Zero lists the phone numbers for that specific company at the top. Then they list out the directions you need to follow to get a live person on the phone. After that there's a comments section which does sound like a great idea at first, but is not used properly at all. As anyone can comment and there is no moderation, the entire thing turns to junk very quickly. Check out the Apple listing for reference.

It's a great idea for a website, but it seems rather unnecessary as an app. You'll probably find that by the time you download Dial Zero, search for the company, and figure out the directions, you could have already been on the phone with a real person. This is an app you should pass on downloading.