Posted June 30, 2010 6:23pm


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  • VALUE: 3
SUMMARY: Use the gyroscope to shoot all the targets

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The new iPhone 4 has plenty of awesome upgrades that put it ahead in the mobile smartphone race. The new camera system, sharp display and hardware changes make it even more desirable than the last phone. Perhaps one of the less heralded features of the new phone is the gyroscope. Many users aren\'t really sure what this addition will accomplish on there phone and there hasn\'t really been a app that truly presents the possibilities that it can offer.

Eliminate: Gun Range gives users the opportunity to try out their new gyroscope-equipped phone by showing what the small device can do. For those of you who don\'t know what a gyroscope is, I\'d suggest looking it up. Essentially it allows for near-perfect precision when it comes to the iPhone\'s ability to recognize it\'s orientation and speed. The game is nothing too special. It is a shooting range where you will aim your phone at different targets and shoot as many as possible within the time limits. You can unlock all different kinds of weapons with the credits you earn from the different rounds. You also have the ability to turn the gyroscope on and off just in case you want to just play a normal target game with joysticks.

Overall, the app is decent but really serves as more of a demo of the gyroscope than anything else. It\'s free in the app store, so check it out.

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