Posted October 10, 2008 6:00am


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  • VALUE: 5
defense game with SNES like graphics

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Since Desktop Tower Defense managed to win some awards last year, it?s been pretty clear that the general public is into this sort of game. That?s why it came as such a surprise that it took that long for a tower defense game to make its way over to the iPhone and iPod Touch. Luckily, FieldRunners was definitely worth the wait.

The game is presented in Super Nintendo style graphics that give it the same kind of action/cartoony feel that you get from playing Team Fortress 2. There?s plenty of strategy involved, so don?t let the styling distract you from that. After all, those soldiers may look all sweet and innocent, but they?re going to kill you if they make it across.

You get four different towers to place (machine gun, goo gun, rocket launcher, and tesla coil) that each cost more than the one before. They each do different things and effect enemies differently, so you?ll need to figure out which ones are going to help you with the next wave. You can also upgrade them or sell them by holding your finger on the tower to pull up the menu. Earn more money by killing more enemies so that you can make better towers!

Right now, the game only offers one map and four weapons, but they plan to release more in their updates. This game is worth every cent and is very enjoyable. You can basically exit the game at any point and pick it back up and be right where you left off, making this one of the best pick up and play games for the iPhone. You won?t be deleting this app from your iPhone anytime soon.