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Posted September 3, 2008 6:00am


3 of 5 bars
  • PRICE: Free
  • SOUND: 3
  • CONTROL: 3
  • FUN: 4
  • VALUE: 4
SUMMARY: Aim for enlightenment as you clear nearly 50 puzzles to reach total zen.

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One part enlightenment, three parts puzzle game, FireDrop is a game with a confused identity that may keep you entertained for awhile. Picture what it was like playing reMovem (previously known as Jawbreaker) and Aurora Feint. Now strip them down to their very basic aspects. Then add a Chinese influence to it. And finish it all of with a British women announcing how many lines you've got left. That's what FireDrop is.

Just like in reMovem, you need to select blocks in groups of three or more to eliminate them. But in FireDrop, it doesn't end when you can't make any more groups. Every few seconds a new line is created that raises your pieces one layer higher just like in Aurora Feint. That means you can keep popping til all the lines run out.

Theres bonus for getting 15 or more blocks at once. Plust there are some power ups that allow you to slow everything down. This makes it easy to clear all 3 levels of ascension to enlightenment and the 15 puzzles within each of them without freally breaking a sweat. That is of course, if you're use to these types of games.

What really throws everything for a loop is the fact that the final three layers that are introduced are announced by a British womens voice. The entire time the game strives for this Chinese feel, and then they decide to use that for a voice? FireDrop is addicting and it's definitely a better choice then reMovem, but if you're looking for this type of game, you really shouldn't settle for anything less than Aurora Feint.

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