G Flash+

Posted August 28, 2008 11:08pm


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SUMMARY: Start studying for anything you could possibly think of with this easy to use flashcard app.

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There are a lot of benefits to having a flashcard app for your iPhone. One of them is to entertain young children or yourself, another would be to study for something really important. Either way, G Flash+ can help you out with that. Like the other flashcard apps for the iPhone, G Flash+ does allow you to download new flashcards from an outside source, that way you can always find something new to study if you've got time to kill or avoid making the cards themselves.

The app comes loaded with a few flashcard sets to start, but you can sign into their service to download additional flashcard for your own use. There are plenty available so make sure to check them out before you spend the time making your own. Unless of course what you're making them for is very specific.

When you start a set of flashcards, it displays the total amount of questions in the set to the right, followed by a series of blocks that will light of red or green depending on whether or not you got it right. This will make things easy for you to tell how your doing as you go through the questions. Each question is displayed to you when you start, and tapping the question will display the answer for you. After that you simply select whether you got it right or wrong.

It's a great app that offers a lot for someone who needs to study. But the inconvenience of having to sign up for a service just to download additional flashcards can get annoying. Other flashcard apps allows you to do all this without registering, but the ability to make your own flashcards on the fly after registering does give it a bit of an appeal.