Galcon Fusion

Posted July 30, 2010 11:22am


5 of 5 bars
  • PRICE: $7.99
  • SOUND: 5
  • CONTROL: 5
  • FUN: 5
  • VALUE: 5
SUMMARY: Play Galcon with many more gametypes on your iPad

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Galcon took the world by storm in the early days of the App Store with its fairly simple gameplay yet super deep strategy. The game hit the top of the charts and stayed for quite some time which is an amazing feat coming from a small developer. Shortly after the success of the first Galcon, the developer released a new version that offered different gametypes other than the classic one that made it popular. With the release of the iPad, even another has been added to the collection called Galcon Fusion.

Galcon Fusion is basically the next evolution in the Galcon series bringing everything fans would expect and even more. This new iteration, obviously created for the larger screen brings back all the modes like classic, stealth, crash, and more. Aside from a few new features like in game chat and revamped lobbies, the game still offers the same great gameplay. You will either watch as your forces take planet after planet or cringe as waves of enemies envelop you.

The game has a different feel this time with much more space between planets and a seemingly slower pace. Still, the game is every bit the shining example of real time strategy done right for a touch device. Check it out.

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