Here I Am

Posted August 14, 2008 9:06pm


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SUMMARY: A simple application that shows you your location by latitude, longitude, and altitude.

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Have you ever wanted to know where you were but have it displayed in latitude and longitude? If you answered yes to that question, then Here I Am is the app for you. This iPhone app does just one thing: It uses the iPhones A-GPS to locate you with the best logistical data that it can retrieve. It lists out your latitude and longitude down to the 6th decimal place and has the ability to supposedly detect your altitude (which often shows as a question mark).

Here I Am doesn't claim to be completely accurate either, as it lists an accuracy variable in meters that it could be wrong by. The app has just one button that reads ?eMail?, which pops out your location into a Google Maps web link to show whoever receives the message exactly where you are.

Being able to send this information in this method is fairly neat, but as the applications only real function besides providing you with logistical information, it's a shame you can't simply open it up in Google Maps yourself. The uses of this app are limited, but the concept behind it does give you a little insight as to how the A-GPS can be used in other iPhone apps.

Even some of the apps that require your friends to register for you to alert them as to where you are would be more useful than this. Especially considering that they would either be opening that e-mailed link on their computer or their iPhone. If you do find yourself lost somewhere that has plenty of cell phone reception and a rescue team in need of your exact location, this app is something you can do without on your iPhone.

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