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Posted November 1, 2010 10:26am


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  • PRICE: $4.99
  • EASE OF USE: 5
SUMMARY: Don't let your precious time slip away by getting distracted as you type. iA Writer eliminates all distractions to let you focus on the content itself. This app for the iPad brings a wealth of productivity features like read time, focus mode, and Dropbox integration. This is simply the best writing experience in the AppStore

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As a reviewer I do my fair share of writing but nothing close to those who spend all day writing novels and producing other excellent literature. With a tool as awesome as the iPad, I was exciting to begin writing without the keyboard or being tied down to a computer. Although Apple has provided an excellent document editor for the device, there was always the feeling that there needed to be something more. iA Writer for the iPad is that more.

By more, I don’t mean that it has even more features and capabilities, but quite the opposite. Writer is an app created to aid your writing in every way. Instead of encouraging you to focus on formatting or how your text looks, the app provides a minimalistic design created to help you get things done. The app does come with some great tools however. The reading time option will tell you just about how long it will take to read the text while the focus mode will isolate all distractions and give you a snippet of your text to focus on.

Overall, the app offered even more that just made it a joy to write on. If you need to write a paper or spend plenty of time dreaming up stories, this app is one of the few meant to encourage your focus instead of steal it. Check it out.

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