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Posted April 26, 2010 1:34pm


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SUMMARY: Find the perfect pet for you and your family with this great dog breed reference tool

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Ok, so the kids want a dog now, and it’s on you to make the right decision to choose the one that’s best suited for the entire family. Should you get an energetic dog or a calm dog? Do you want a small Pug or a big German Shepherd? iKnow Dogs is an app that attempts to make purchasing or adopting a new pet just a bit easier by providing detailed information on each breed’s characteristics.

There are 164 dog breeds available, and the main page lists all of them alphabetically for browsing. They are shown with the AKC group name and a small picture. Tapping on a breed will bring up several photos and detailed information, including appearance, life expectancy, country of origin, characteristics, a general description and other interesting facts. The appearance section is the first area that may be of importance to you when shopping for a dog. Here, you can see how large the dog will become when full grown. You can also find out if the dog will have a long or short coat.

The characteristics section is probably the most important area that a new dog owner will want to examine thoroughly. This section is broken down into seven different characteristics, displayed as a number from zero to ten. For example, if the energy level of a certain breed is a nine, you know that you may potentially have a really hyper dog on your hands. Another good thing to know is if the breed is friendly towards strangers. You may not want a dog that has a higher chance of biting someone.

At the end of the page there are some fun facts regarding what celebrities have owned dogs of that breed and what movies those dogs have been in. Beyond that, there are two additional links that take you to Wikipedia and the AKC to read even more about the breed.

There are also a few other tabs in the app that include some nice additional features. You can view your favorite dogs, the top 20 breeds and the ones you were looking at recently. The filter feature is probably the most valuable, as it allows you to search for breeds that match your exact criteria. For example, you can actually ask the app to find a low energy dog with a short coat from Germany. Basically, it will find the perfect dog for you and your family.

Overall, iKnow Dogs really is a perfect tool for finding the best type of dog for you and your family. It’s not just a list of facts, but rather a precise search tool that allows you to find exactly what you want. Complimented by a beautiful and intuitive user interface, this app is a must-own for any dog lover or anyone who’s looking to get a new dog.

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