Posted June 30, 2010 6:19pm


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SUMMARY: Create full movies right on your iPhone 4

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There's nothing more exciting than the release of a new phone with some awesome new hardware and features. The iPhone 4 offers a great video camera that takes video in 720p. Just following the announcement that the phone would jump into the world of HD, Apple showed off their new app iMovie. This app allows users to create perfect highlight videos right from their phone without the need of a computer. But how does this app stack up? Let's take a look.

iMovie for the iPhone is definitely something anyone who takes videos on their phone will enjoy. The app comes prepackaged with 5 different themes to work in and gives users access to their music to add in. The user interface is decent for what it is doing, but I couldn't help but to think that it could have been a little more thought out. Users have a timeline, preview window and four buttons to import and take pictures or video, see all their projects and preview them. The app was perfect for creating a quick, no frills highlight video of a trip or a quick compilation of clips. But that's about where my excitement stopped. Users can only include one audio track in their entire video and are completely unable to control the volume or position of the song. The app comes with only a couple of transitions and makes it really hard to have complete control of the postioning of your clips. But perhaps the most disappointing aspect of this app is that it has the ability to export 720p HD video, but it can't upload that video straight from the phone. This means that the only possible way to get 720p video off your phone is to import it to your computer or find an app enabling the transfer.

Still, even with it's lack of features, sometimes unintuitive interface, and lack of upload features, the app still has a welcome home on my phone for those times when I just need a little more than a dry clip. Check it out.

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