Posted May 4, 2010 2:32pm


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SUMMARY: Go behind the scenes with this House fan app

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InHouse is an application for the iPhone and iPod Touch that attempts to provide a one-stop destination for all the fans of the House television series. While the content is interesting, there just isn’t much to sink your teeth into.

There are seven areas of the app to explore. The “free clinic” is a sweepstakes where you have the opportunity to enter to win a prop from the latest episode, signed by the cast. The “appisodes” section will eventually provide a weekly episode about a character named “Nurse Jeffrey.” Right now, they are just trailers, until the House season ends. The “writers room” provides a brief video commentary by the writers of House. These videos are only mildly interesting, offering a bit of insight into the thought process behind episodes. In “houseisms”, the writers pick some of their favorite quotes that House says during the latest episode. Some of these lines are definitely ones you’d want to share with people, but unfortunately there are no sharing options available in this app. The “music room” is probably the most interactive area of the app. Here, you can see a list of a few songs that were considered to be in the latest episode of the show. This is a bit odd, because you’d think it would be better to see what songs were actually used in the show, so you can purchase them on iTunes. Anyway, there is also an interactive piano that you can touch in multiple spots to hear different chords. The “media room” and “dark room” have some behind-the-scenes footage and photos that are actually pretty interesting to see.

Even though there are seven separate sections to this app, each one is very light in content. In the video sections there is only one video to watch. You can’t go back and view past clips. The behind-the-scenes videos are quite short as well. For a true House fan, this app can be quite a disappointment, leaving the individual wanting more. There are also absolutely no options for sharing content via Twitter or Facebook. Social networking integration really needs to become a part of every app.

If you’re a huge fan of House, than InHouse is absolutely a must-own app. You will definitely get some extra stuff to fill in some of the time between episodes. However, it won’t be enough to satisfy you completely. The app is just too light to be a true “fan app.” It’s free, so give it a try and see how you like it.

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