Iron Man 2

Posted May 10, 2010 2:33pm


4 of 5 bars
  • PRICE: $6.99
  • SOUND: 4
  • CONTROL: 4
  • FUN: 4
  • VALUE: 4
SUMMARY: Take control of the man in the suit

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Iron Man was a great movie and now the second movie has come out. What better time for an Iron Man 2 game for the iPhone. The game has been released from Gameloft and was available for their standard price of 6.99 at the time of this review. The game features none other than the arrogant Tony Stark after he has announced he is Iron Man.

The game plays extremely smooth but starts out very slow. In fact, I was almost tempted to just put the game down on the first level because of how bad it was. But after the game ever so slowly introduces you to the controls, you get underway flying through the city destroying robots. The games plot and script are completely ridiculous although it sounds like a few voice actors contributed their original talent to the characters. The gameplay is a series of virtual buttons and makes heavy use of the auto-lock feature. There is a way to melee as well but seriously, you have two cannons on your hands, why would you want to hit something? The game plays very much like some of the old superman games and with it comes some slightly awkward glitches in gameplay.

Overall, the game was fun but I don\'t see it staying very long on my device. The graphics and overall experience are slightly better than mediocre but were fun while it lasted.