Posted August 20, 2008 4:08am


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SUMMARY: Find all the restaurants, movies, bars, banks, and more that are located right around where you are!

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There are so many different review and specific location finding apps available for the iPhone that it's easy to lose track of which ones are really worth having. iWant is one of the newer ones to enter into the App Store, and considering it's free just like all the other apps in it's category, it's worth checking out.

The interface for iWant is as simple as it could possibly be. You're looking at a white screen with twelve black buttons on them for the different places around where you are. The settings option down on the bottom left toolbar does allow you to narrow down the food choices, and distance/rating that the location needs to be within. Besides that, there's not a lot you can mess around with.

When the app loads up, it will ask to detect where you are. After that, pick a category and check out what's around you. If the category happens to be something covered by Yelp, iWant uses their reviews and gives them credit for it. That doesn't mean that they took any effort in cleaning the reviews page out though, as Yelp has made sure to include links to their own iPhone app. This takes away from whatever originality that iWant had to begin with.

There is a map function to show you where you are in respect to the locations that you're interested in, but it's just the Maps app running inside of iWant. Where iWant really fails is that it takes something in such a sloppy manner from an existing iPhone app and then just provides the rest of the information through what Google would provide. It is pretty handy, but at the same time it's as bland as you can get.