Jimmy Pataya

Posted April 21, 2010 11:19am


2 of 5 bars
  • PRICE: $0.99
  • SOUND: 2
  • CONTROL: 5
  • FUN: 2
  • VALUE: 1
SUMMARY: Dodge obstacles as you free-fall through the air without a parachute

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Jimmy Pataya is a mildly fun arcade game for the iPhone and iPod Touch that puts you in control of an insane skydiver on an epic jump without a parachute. Your job is simply to freefall as long as you can without crashing into the many obstacles along the way. It’s easier said than done.

The accelerometer controls your rotation as you fly through the air. This is your only way of controlling Jimmy. These controls are very smooth and accurate. As you fly, you must avoid the obstacles as they start to appear. They start off slow, giving you plenty of time to adjust your position so you can fly through the openings. However, as you advance further, the obstacles appear closer together, giving you much less time to decide how to avoid them. The longer you last, the more points you receive. If you hit an obstacle, the game is over and your score is saved. If you choose to, you can post your score to Twitter.

This game is as basic as it gets in terms of gameplay. So, to really make it special and exciting, it needs to have some exceptional graphics and sound that engulfs the user. This game just doesn’t have what it takes. The graphics and music are simply adequate and the sound is very weak. I would expect some “swishing” sounds as Jimmy flies left and right, dodging the obstacles. But, no such sounds are included. Also, when you hit an obstacle, a simple crash sound would be nice. But, once again, no such sound exists. Also, game content is severely lacking. There are no power-ups or items to collect while free-falling through the air. The game just feels very barebones and unfinished. Even the intro music for the main menu loops with an obviously abrupt cut.

As a result of all these shortcomings, the game is just not very fun to play. It’s overly difficult and lacks any sort of substantial content. I absolutely cannot recommend purchasing this game.

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