Posted March 4, 2009 8:43am


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SUMMARY: Amazons kindle ebook reader

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Kindle for iPhone is a new app from that allows the user to wirelessly sync books bought for the kindle to your phone and read them right on the device. Many people have been waiting for Amazon to enter the iPhone e-book market.

Kindle for the iPhone features some of the standard options users have come to expect from an e-book app. Downloaded books can be sorted by Recent, Title and Author. Once a book is opened, pages are turned by sliding your finger across the screen in the appropriate direction. There is an option to change font size with five different sizes available. The bookmark option allows for direct browsing to a specific page or chapter in the book. There is an option to get books from the iPhone but it opens up the Kindle shop page in safari which is not currently optimized for the device. This makes the process of retrieving books very cumbersome unless you have a laptop or pc near.

Overall, Amazon's Kindle app does what it claims to do, but does not offer much more. With the pain of retrieving books through Safari on the phone, grabbing books and going is not very appealing. Unless you already have an extensive Kindle library (which makes me assume you already have a Kindle in the first place) this app does not offer the customization that can be found in other apps such as the great Stanza ebook reader. Only Kindle books can be read in the app making it a burden for those who want more than just Kindle books. Unless you are a true blue Amazon fan, there are just too many other apps that can do the same thing with many more options. Since the app is free, check it out and see for yourself.