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Laser Battles

Posted September 7, 2008 3:00pm


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  • PRICE: $1.99
  • SOUND: 3
  • CONTROL: 3
  • FUN: 2
  • VALUE: 2
SUMMARY: Blast away your friends with this multiplayer highscore iPhone shaking competition.

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Think simple and annoying. That's what Laser Battles is. The game basically revolves around you shaking your iPhone in a specific pattern to earn the most number of points in a set amount of time. Once you finish, you can either go at it again, or broadcast that information out to the world.

You can play Laser Battles in either one or two player mode. From there you shake your iPhone left to right or front to back to score 4 points for each registered shake. But the big scoring move is this weird upward flip that you can do. That earns you 8 points. There's no real timer or anything, but the game will suddenly end on you.

Once the games over, you can either bask in the glory of your high score or you can send it out to your friends using Taptation or Twitter. It's safe to say that your Twitter friends will hate you if you keep sending this information to them over and over again, so it's probably best that you just bask in that high score yourself.

There isn't anything graphically appealing about the game. In fact, all you get to see is a glowing rod of light that does nothing at all. There are sound effects depending on how you swing the iPhone, but more than anything this game is just testing how comfortable you would be with tossing your iPhone across the room. The concept of sharing your score is great, but overall, this app isn't worth downloading.

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