Mr. Trivia

Posted September 6, 2008 9:00am


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  • PRICE: Free
  • SOUND: 4
  • CONTROL: 3
  • FUN: 4
  • VALUE: 4
SUMMARY: Test your knowledge in a classic trivia contest

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If you've ever wanted to test just how limited your knowledge is in a field, check out Mr. Trivia. The game provides you with plenty of trivia questions in a game show style setting to keep you on your toes and guessing as to whether or not you've got the right answer to the question.

The game goes for that old school game show feel and captures it very well, even down to the music. When you start up the game you can either pick quick play or actually select a round of trivia. Your options are General, History, or Animal trivia. All of them seem to have a good number of questions too.

Unfortunately those questions do repeat, even in a short period of play time. Not all of them do, but one here and there is enough to make you question just how many they have in total. The game goes through two rounds, with the questions not seeming to get harder. And at the end, your score is totaled up to see just how good you've done.

Mr. Trivia is an enjoyable app for the iPhone that would be a lot better if it had more questions. The fact that it repeated in such a short time doesn't mean anything besides that their randomizing doesn't prevent a repeat from the previous game, but it really doesn't take that much away. For a paid app, it's not bad, but it's really hit or miss depending on how much you like trivia.

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