Posted May 7, 2009 11:42am


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  • PRICE: $5.99
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SUMMARY: The top selling PC game makes its debut on the iPhone

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Myst has finally arrived for iPhone and iPod Touch. The game was hailed as the best-selling PC game of all time up until early 2002 and anyone who has played the game knows exactly why. It offered a unique approach to gaming, giving players virtually no information from the start of the game as to what they were supposed to do. With the popularity of handheld devices on a steady rise and the gold mine named the "App Store", Cyan World has decided to resurrect their classic in hopes of inspiring yet another generation to dive into the discovery of their puzzling world.

The gameplay of Myst is focused primarily on inspiring logical thinking and promoting patience and determination from its players. It is a first-person journey through a world riddled with riddles. Movement is handled by tapping on locations viewed on the screen which then crossfades into another frame opening a whole new perspective. There is very little animation with most of the game being a collection of prerendered images. Players can interact with designated objects found by tapping or dragging the object depending on it's predetermined use. The game is all about exploration and throughout the game, if the player uses logic, more and more clues can be found to unravel the mystery that is Myst.

At first glance, many new comers may be disinterested at the old-style graphics and lack of action in the game, but someone who is patient and looks hard, will find a rich story that immerses the player in an intriguing and compelling plotline. It truly is one of a kind in its approach and has definitely earned its way to becoming a tried and true classic. Weighing in at a hefty 750 megabite download, Myst is going to take up some serious space on your device. But the dept of gameplay being offered here is almost unrivaled. Grab a copy today.