Nightstand Central for iPad

Posted November 1, 2010 10:26am


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  • PRICE: $2.99
  • EASE OF USE: 4
SUMMARY: Who needs an alarm clock? Use your iPad as the ultimate alarm clock with the Nightstand Central app. Set complex alarms, sounds, and even get current weather information right on the main screen. This app brings a complete digital experience to your nightstand and makes sure you sleep in style.

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When the iPhone started getting all kinds of clock apps in the App Store it was definitely an exciting time. You could actually use your phone as a replacement for an alarm clock. While this was a great idea and no doubt used by many, the iPad has definitely trumped its smaller counterpart in that department. Now, Nightstand Central has been released for the iPad and bring a highly customizable clock experience to your nightstand. The app focuses on easy use and offering information you need at a glance. Users can see the time and weather in their area right from the main screen along with their choice of a background. But the main screen is only the beginning. The app allows for multiple, customizable alarms where you can set everything from the sounds, snooze time, and much more. The app comes with a flashlight toggle as well which can be activated by shaking the device. Overall this app offered more features that I really was expecting. There is a free version to try out that includes many of the features found in the full version. If you have an iPad and want a nice alarm clock, definitely check this app out. Visit Appolicious for more iPhone app reviews and articles.