Posted August 14, 2008 8:08am


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SUMMARY: Read reviews, locate theaters, check show times, and even purchase tickets all from your iPhone

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Since the iPhone launched, there have been plenty of movie theater related web apps. Most of them offered just the basic information but provided it in a quick and easy to digest fashion. So when the iPhone App Store opened up, naturally it would be time for them to make something that's bigger and better.

Now Playing provides some pretty useful features. First, you can either enter your location manually or take advantage of the GPS. This is really useful if you're in an area that you're not familiar with the nearest theater. All the movies listed show their Rotten Tomatoes score next to them and give you the option as to which theater you want to see it at. As every movie keeps the same showing times, they don't really list anything out by day, so if a movie is listed it may not be out until the upcoming Friday.

An easy way to check this and also a great way to make sure you get into the movie is by viewing what times are available to by the tickets. Tapping a specific time and day will send you to Fandango to purchase the tickets through the Safari browser. This can be frustrating because the site isn't optimized for the iPhone so it can be messy to navigate.

While the interface can be a bit confusing to navigate back and forth through at times, it doesn't change the information you're able to quickly receive through using this app. Overall, the Now Playing app is definitely a must have.

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