Posted December 3, 2008 2:59am


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  • PRICE: $2.99
  • EASE OF USE: 5
SUMMARY: Slap your face on one of twenty different old time yearbook pictures

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Recently there has been a craze sweeping through Facebook and Myspace where users have taken photos of their face and placed them over old yearbook photos. Apparently that craze has made its way over to the iPhone and iPod Touch for you to manipulate your photos on the go.

This app is really simple to use but can provide some really funny results. When you start the app, you?ll get to pick the gender you?d like the final photo to be. Don?t let the current gender of the original picture stop you from mixing and matching a bit. Each gender has ten different options for you to impose your face on. While ten might not be a ton, they seem to be spread out through the different decades as you can tell by their hair.

When you find the picture you want, tap on it then choose whether you want to take a new photo or use an existing one. After you select the photo you want to use, the picture you selected will show up with the face cut out and the photo you chose will be right behind it for you to size up with the cut out area. You can make your picture bigger or smaller and move it all around. Double tapping the picture will rotate the angle that it's at and you can even rotate the picture by using the circle around the face of the photo. Once you get it lined up how you want it, you can play with the brightness of your photo so that the face better blends with it.

This app is gimmicky but enjoyable. If you just use the app without first checking the help section, you'll miss out on the little tricks that make your picture look better. The only real issue that this app has is that the circle around the pictures face to rotate your image is very easy to overlook. Unfortunately it does cost a few bucks so that may turn you away from actually wanting to purchase it. That doesn?t mean that it?s not worth it, it?s just not for everyone considering you can do the same thing online for free.