Posted August 18, 2008 6:08am


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  • PRICE: Free
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SUMMARY: The ultimate music app! Browse through the music genome and find new artists that fit your taste!

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We can't imagine any iPhone owner not having at least installed Pandora. For the three of you out there, imagine having a customized internet radio, streaming from anywhere you can at least get Edge coverage, right in your pocket. Enter a band or group that you like, and Pandora will build a station for you of similar sounding artists. The accuracy of tastes is downright spooky.

The Pandora music genome doesn't randomly pick related bands or artists based off of some poorly entered information and tags that other users or record labels offer. Instead it actually listens through the song and finds aspects of the band or song you were looking for in the other songs that it plays for you. If you're interested in seeing why they selected the next song on that they play, you can easily check that information out on the app itself.

Pandora has been around for awhile now, building a massive database of music and music characteristics. Since the day we first discovered it, we prayed to the gods of rock to bring this little service into the palm of our hand. That day was answered on July 11th, 2008. We were shocked to find Pandora as a launch app and assumed XM or Sirius would have beat them to it. Not to mention, Pandora is as free as the water AT&T gave us for waiting in line for 12 hours.

Unless you don't use your iPhone for listening to music at all, Pandora is a must have app. There isn't another app for the iPhone that is as well put together and all around solid as Pandora. It may take you a bit to grasp how it sends you from song to song, but you won't be confused. Nor will that interfere with the fun you'll be having with it!