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Path Tracker

Posted August 25, 2008 11:57pm


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SUMMARY: Track your progress as you walk or run around anywhere

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When the iPhone first launched, many people were frustrated that it couldn't work with a lot of the peripherals that had come out for other iPods. One of the peripherals that had many people fairly upset about it not working with the iPhone was the Nike+. This device would monitor a good deal of running based stats for you on your iPod Nano and upload them online. While the lack of support for the iPhone has clearly defined what Apple see's as a work out device, Path Tracker has made their own solution.

Finding your location through GPS and placing you on the map as a little icon is only the first of many things this app can do. From there, it starts out your path, giving you a rundown of the distance, time, and average speed you've accomplished so far. It also looks like they've taken Here I Am and incorporated that completely into it as well.

The options menu, which is the only other page besides the map, allows you to enter in a username and password for registration on Below that you can pause/continue your path, start a new one, or tweak how the map is displayed.

Path Tracker is an awesome app for anyone looking to bring a Nike+ experience to their iPhone. The ability to have your paths visible online is great for any running/walking forums you may take part in, or if you want to show your friends where you ran/walked today (Check out my sweet walk back from Dunkin Donuts this morning! If you enjoy doing any physical activity with your iPhone near you, grab this app immediately.