Posted August 27, 2008 2:08am


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SUMMARY: Write down or speak anything that you need to remember, then sent reminders for yourself with it. Easily turn your spoken words into a written text message.

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The app store has been flooded with note taking apps for the iPhone since launch day. So far we've seen apps like Jott and Evernote offer some unique services that make them very useful and worth having on your iPhone. One of the latest apps to enter into this category is called reQall, and it actually does a pretty solid job of holding it's own.

reQall has three main screens for you to utilize. The first one shows you what's due Today, Soon, and what's Overdue. The second page offers Notes, Shopping, and a To-Do list. And the final page gives you a list of people you can share your notes with. Each of these pages can be viewed in more of a chart form by pressing the lined item button in the bottom right hand corner of the page.

On each page there's a little plus button that will let you write a note out, select who it's for, and select where to put it in. This is pretty handy but isn't really anything that the other apps don't already offer. There's also an Add By Voice button on the bottom of each page that allows you to record up to 30 seconds of a message, select who it's for and where to put it, then save it. The audio is saved as a clip and reQall also types the message out for you, putting it in your notes and even text messaging it to you. This is very similar to Jott but seems to work a lot faster.

What really makes reQall interesting is the third page. The ability to share your notes with other reQall users that are in your contact list makes this a very useful app. If you wanted to sync up your plans to play hockey Thursday night with your buddy, all you'd have to do is record yourself saying that and then assign it to them. It does take some getting use to, so definitely give it a chance before you settle in on a note taking app of choice.