Posted August 8, 2010 6:49pm


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  • PRICE: $4.99
  • SOUND: 4
  • CONTROL: 4
  • FUN: 4
  • VALUE: 3
SUMMARY: Play the classic strategy game on your phone

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Over the past couple if years, there have been a number of games that attempted to bring the Risk experience to the App Store and many of them succeeded really well. Game like Lux, Conquist, and many more have offered plenty of ways to take on the world, but none of them have brought us the official Risk that we have all yearned for.

Finally, EA has decided to release the official version of the game for the iPhone and iPod Touch, and it doesn’t disappoint. The game is setup in a very cartoon fashion with each colored army being represented by a specific soldier. The controls are very much what you would expect them to be like tapping on countries to add units and tapping an enemy country to attack. The rules of the game are pretty much set as the standard for the game and cannot be changed. This was pretty disappointing as there have been so many great variations of the game to come out since the original. Also, when attacking, there didn’t seem to be an option to choose how many dice to attack with which throws off some of the strategy.

Overall, the multiplayer was great but it would have been awesome to have a matchmaking system in place. The animations are nice and it is definitely the Risk we love, but it’s not perfect. It’s available for a medium price in the App Store so check it out.

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