Posted October 20, 2008 9:00am


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SUMMARY: A multiplayer online word game for the iPhone and iPod Touch

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Scramboni is a multiplayer online word game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. This games is completely real time and requires you to have some form of internet connection so you can race against your opponents in this word unscrambling game.

In Scramboni, there are three different levels. You'll need to earn points from the previous level to unlock the next one. Each level offers harder words to spell and more opponents to go up against. You won't have any trouble finding opponents to play against as the game is free and fairly addicting. This is definitely a good fit for what seems to be one of the few multiplayer games available for the iPhone at this point.

You're given a set of letters and you need to spell out a word before time runs out. If you spell it before your opponents do, you get an additional bonus. The red letter designates that it goes at the beginning or the end of the word. This makes things easier if you get stumped. You can also rescramble the letters to see them in a different light.

Adding multiplayer to such a simple game that we've seen done on the iPhone too many times is enough to completely shake up the word game category. Scramboni is a definite must have game for the iPhone and iPod Touch, so make sure that you download it today!