Posted December 10, 2008 6:24am


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  • PRICE: Free
  • EASE OF USE: 5
SUMMARY: Skip the phone call and leave a voicemail directly

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Slydial is an app for the iPhone that allows you to make a call directly to the persons voicemail. This app is pretty handy for those times when you just need to leave a message, but unfortunately it has some little quirks that keep it from being perfect.

The Slydial interface is really simple and easy to use. When you load up the app, you?re presented with three buttons to choose from. The top button will help you place a call through your existing contacts list, the middle button will allow you to manually enter in a number to call, and the bottom button will launch you out of the app, load up Safari, and display the YouTube mobile page for Slydial ads and reviews. Considering you?re already using the app, there?s pretty much no reason to use the bottom button.

Once you?ve either selected the number from your contacts list or entered one in manually, the call will begin. Slydial appends a series of numbers to the number you?ve entered and calls it. At this point you?ll hear an automated voice informing you that you?re being connected to the persons voicemail. Unfortunately the issues with Slydial start to come about here. First, the phone you?re calling will ring once and show a missed call. This isn?t awful, but you?ll catch the attention of most people. The second issue is even after all of that, it still may not connect you to their voicemail. When calling a new T-Mobile line, the app informed me that it couldn?t connect to the phone numbers voicemail.

In other attempts, this app did exactly what it said it would. While ringing once and showing a missed called isn?t exactly sly, there probably isn?t any way to get around it. Slydial is a great app and is definitely something worth keeping on your iPhone for those times when you just want to leave a message.