Posted August 19, 2010 8:33am


4 of 5 bars
  • PRICE: $2.99
  • SOUND: 5
  • CONTROL: 5
  • FUN: 5
  • VALUE: 4
SUMMARY: Take on the slopes in this challenging app. Solipskier for the iPhone and iPod Touch gives you the power to control the mountain. Guide your skier up, down, and as fast as possible through the checkpoints. Launch him high into the air to execute high point tricks. How far can you get?

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I am a huge sucker for indy games and their have been some well-made versions of classics and new ones to grace the App Store recently. One such game that caught my attention quickly was Solipskier. The app seemed at first to be a simple game with not much more than some tracing but it quickly turned into a challenging app that kept me coming for more. The game is based off the simple concept of skiing. Your whole goal is to draw ground for the brave skier as he treks forward into the darkness. Drawing different inclines will yield the expected result.

Draw to much of a hill and he’ll have to climb his way up and will slow his speed. Draw a slope down and he’ll pick up speed to eventually do a jump. The game introduces things like gates and kill zones that will earn you points or end your life. The art in the game is definitely something worth noting. It looks great on the retina display and offered a very minimalistic gameplay experience.

I definitely recommend checking it out if you enjoy games like Line Rider and more. It has enough variety to be fun but brings a calm, casual experience to the iPhone. Check it out.

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