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Posted September 3, 2008 3:00pm


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  • PRICE: $0.99
  • SOUND: 1
  • CONTROL: 3
  • FUN: 2
  • VALUE: 2
SUMMARY: Stop the lights as they cross your screen and stack them up to get to the top

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If you've ever been to the arcade before and have seen that wonderous machine with the red flashing LED squares that you have to stop at just the right place. Those machines always have the best toys available, making it so alluring but at the same time informing you of just how much money you're going to lose trying to get a Playstation 3 game. Stackit is basically that games less qualified step brother.

In Stackit, your goal is to make the red LED squares stack up to the top. The squares come across from left to right and bounce back and forth on the screen until you stop them. You start with three blocks on the first level, and when you stop the next level, unless they're lined up exactly, you lose one or two of the blocks. If you don't line it up, you're dead.

Eventually, the game does take a block at a time away from you just to make it more difficult. The speed doesn't seem to increase on how fast across the blocks come, but that doesn't mean you won't still trip up. It's an interesting game, but unlike the arcade one, you don't win anything cool at the end of it.

There really isn't much more to say about Stackit. It's a very simple game. Almost too simple for the iPhone. But it may appeal to some people. If this sounds like a game you might like, well hopefully it will save you from wasting all those quarters. At least this version is free.

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