TV Guide iPad

Posted August 19, 2010 8:32am


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SUMMARY: Keep up with the latest in broadcast media by always having your TV Guide with you. This free app offers show times and dates along with some useful news and descriptions. Never be in the dark and always have something interesting to watch on your TV with TV Guide for the iPad.

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Everyone loves their shows. Whether you are into forensic dramas or action mysteries, there is a show for every person out there. Even the daytime provides some interesting soap operas and cooking channels for those stay home mothers out there. Now, instead of needing to thumb through your show listings in a book, TV Guide has been released for the iPad.

You can find all your favorite shows, times, and news right from your tablet. The guide is extremely easy to setup. Just enter your zipcode and select your service provider. Once these options have been set, your iPad will immediately display all upcoming shows from the lowest channel up. Tapping on a show provides a small synopsis of the upcoming show and offers users the chance to post it to Facebook or Twitter. Users can also add shows to their favorites for quick finds.

Overall, the app was a handy tool that saved me from thumbing through page after page to find my latest shows. The news tab was nice for the latest in television news and made the experience complete. It’s free in the app store, so check it out if you love television. It could be your most goto app for some of you out there.

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