Posted August 20, 2008 2:08am


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SUMMARY: Take advantage of your Twitter and Twinkle account to keep yourself in touch with everyone in your area and world wide.

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Twinkle is a really fresh idea that takes advantage of a few popular concepts and really capitalizes on the capabilities of the iPhone. The Twinkle app not only utilizes the Twitter platform, it also has it's own Twitter like service that is really unique. Why is that, you ask? Because it's location based. You can easily set how far away from where you are for it to search and it will provide you with Twitter users and Twinkle users posting their messages and pictures.

You don't even need to load up your Twitter account on to Twinkle, as Twinkle does require you to set your own user name and password. This makes it really interesting for those who aren't into Twitter but like the idea of meeting new people or seeing what's up around them. Each ?Twink? (if it's not already coined, you heard it first at!) shows where the individual was when they sent the message, which is pretty neat.

They even seperate your Tweets and Twinks by putting the Tweets on your Home page and Twinks on the Near Me page. You can have the app send out a pong alerting everyone to where you are, write out a nice long 140 character message, or send those nearby a photo. You'll actually be surprised just how many people around you use Twinkle.

If you aren't familiar with Twitter, try Twinkle. It's really a great introduction to the whole concept and may get you hooked on the idea. It operates in the same fashion, so you'll be able to transition over if you catch the bug. And overall, this app is pretty solid. Besides the fact that it can't run in the background and have the updates pushed to it, this app is definitely something any social networking junkie should have on their iPhone.