Up There

Posted December 22, 2008 4:17pm


5 of 5 bars
  • PRICE: $1.99
  • SOUND: 5
  • CONTROL: 5
  • FUN: 5
  • VALUE: 5
SUMMARY: Guide your balloon through various obstacles as you attempt to get the highest score

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Up There is the one of the most addicting pick up and play games available for the iPhone and iPod Touch. At its core, this game has many similarities to the classic game Fall Down for the Ti-83 calculator, except in this game you're trying to go up.

In Up There you control a balloon as it attempts to go as high as it possibly can. You'll be controlling the balloon by tilting your device from side to side in an attempt to avoid the obstacles that each environment puts in your way. There are five different environments for you to struggle through. After escaping from the cage, you'll battle through the bookshelves, slide through the rafters, avoid getting caught in the trees, slide through the clouds, and eventually bask in the glory of space.

While the game itself is simple, that's what makes it addicting. What makes it so captivating, however, is the artwork and music. All of the backgrounds and animations where all hand drawn, giving this game a very personal feel. The music selected for this game is called "The Joy of Sky" and it honestly adds a whole new level to the game. While playing the game silent will still have you addicted to beating your last high score, having the music playing honestly makes your heart go out to that little balloon when you just can't make it through the level.

The game is a lot of fun and will really be difficult to put down. This game isn't complex nor is it anything ground breaking, but it is one of the most addicting and enjoyable games we've had a chance to play so far. For the amount of replay value you'll get from this game, definitely download Up There today.