Posted August 14, 2008 7:08am


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SUMMARY: Just shake your iPhone to find the perfect place to eat tonight

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Picking a place to eat isn't always easy or fun, but this app simplifies the entire process. Urban Spoon takes most of the difficulty out of the process in a fairly unique way. The main page provides you all the information in a slot machine style.

The first column uses GPS to locate your position and then provides you with a read out of the towns located around where you are. If you're having trouble finding your area on GPS, you can also select your city. The second column lists out a good variety of food types for the restaurant that you'll be selecting very soon. The third column offers four different levels of cost for the location.

Now you can either shake your iPhone (or press the button) and let the app select where you should head out to eat, or you can use one of the other 3 functions. Browse gives you a read out of all the restaurants in the area; Search let's you be a little more specific in the place you're looking for; and Near Me gives you a read out of all the restaurants located in your area.

Each listing in Urban Spoon gives you a rating with a list of reviews to look through. You can also add your positive or negative vote to the listing. While you may not always be able to use the slot machine function due to a lack of variety near you, this solves you a lot of issues if you're looking for something new to try. If you enjoy dining out, this is a must have app.

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