Posted August 26, 2008 8:08pm


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SUMMARY: Find out the Wikipedia information about the world around you and what it has to offer.

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Having a chance to learn about the history in the area around you can be rather interesting. Even if you're in a dull town, theres often a little bit of information that would be cool to know about. Instead of typing in every town name or landmark that you drive by, WikiMe actually pulls up all the information within a set radius of your current location or where you want to search, and provides you the Wikipedia pages for them.

WikiMe doesn't require you to leave the app and head into Safari, which is good and bad in this situation. The good is in the fact that you don't have to leave the app and head back for the next article. The bad is that there isn't a back button on the pages themselves. That doesn't mean you can't get back to the list of Wiki articles for that area, it means that when you click on a picture or a link inside of a page, you can't just hit back to go to your original topic. You actually have to go back to all the topics and reselect it.

You can actually find out a lot of useful and useless information by using this app. Apparently the developers realized this as you can easily email or bookmark that specific page for future viewing. The ability to increase how far around you that it pulls information from or to search for a specific area and all that's around it is actually pretty useful in respect to using WikiMe as a reference tool.

The lack of a back button is almost fatal for this app. It's something that is so crucial and difficult to grasp how it could be overlooked. Besides that, the app is really enjoyable even for costing $.99. But if this was free, it would be a much more popular app than it already is.