Posted August 19, 2008 9:08pm


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  • PRICE: Free
  • EASE OF USE: 3
SUMMARY: An advanced Notepad that takes advantage of ShapeWriter technology to help you write your notes faster

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When you write words out on your iPhone, have you ever thought to yourself, wouldn't it be great if i didn't have to lift my finger at all? Well, you probably haven't, but clearly the developers of WritingPad have. It's easy to jump to conclusions and make fun of this app without actually giving it a chance, but once you do you'll actually find it to be quite interesting.

The keyboard in WritingPad seems to respond just a little bit better for larger fingers than the normal keybaord. Now, your mileage may vary when it comes to whether that actually works better for you or not, but in several tests that was the general consensus. Just like Notepad, all of the basic functions are available for you to use. But there's one specific aspect of WritingPad that makes it more unique.

Instead of lifting your finger to go from letter to letter, you simply drag the line that your finger is making through all the letters that you need. While you're sure to hit other letters along the way, WritingPad has a sort of predictive text that not only recoginizes the word that you're attempting to write most of the time, but it actually provides you with a list of similar words that it thinks it can be if it doesn't get it right the first time.

This whole thing can take some getting use to, but considering the fact that it just adds additional functionality to Notepad, it's not a bad replacement. You can still delete and email all your notes over, so there's no loss there, plus the ability to not lift your finger when you type? Pretty cool......