Posted August 15, 2008 3:08am


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SUMMARY: Search for places to eat, shop, drink, relax, and play. Then read through the reviews to find the perfect place for you!

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Yelp! Is an iPhone app that allows you to find a category of locations or a specific place around you or where you want to look. Overall, this app is fairly solid in how it performs and what it offers. The only major issue seems to be that, not including very small non-chain locations, some places just don't show up on its search.

The home page is the quickest way to do a broad search. These quick search options include: Restaurants, Bars, Coffee & Tea, Banks, Gas & Service Stations, and Drugstores. Below those options there's a ?recently viewed? area that lets you return to locations that you've looked at.

The search function allows you to search by location name or category and even provides filtering options based on distance or whether or not the place is open right now. From the search area you can click any of the listings and see what their rating is, click on the map function to load that location in Google Maps, call them directly, read user reviews, or add it to your bookmarks. The user reviews are excellent and allow you to see how others feel about that place. You can also find out information about the reviewer, as in how many people agree with them and how many friends they have on Yelp!. Unfortunately you can't add reviews from your iPhone.

Yelp! is a great app to have if you can accept the fact that it may not know where every Starbucks or major chain location in your area is.

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